Tenant Representation

You're an attorney... a dentist... a website designer... a corporate decision maker. You're a success in your business or profession because you've worked both hard and smart. You know all the ins and outs; you're an expert in your field.

Now you're in the market for a new office location and you suddenly feel out of your league. Like you're playing a whole new game, but nobody will tell you the rules. You have a nagging suspicion that you could get a better deal if only you knew the right things to say.

Let's face it, your time would be better spent growing your business than chasing around town after leads and answering classified ads.

M.S. Fox Real Estate Group knows the rules of the real estate game and it's our business to go to work for you.

We're not an in-house leasing department that represents the landlord's interest or some generic real estate agency with limited listings. We're a full-service commercial real estate firm that specializes in finding the right office space for you and your firm. We know the building owners. We know where the deals are!

In business since 1992, we, too, have worked hard and smart to get where we are today. We've been successful because we are experts in our field and we believe in the value of quality service, prudent administration and personal contact.

We represent your best interest, whether you plan to lease, build, or purchase a property. Want a high-traffic urban location? We know the city like our own backyard. Would a suburban office park suit you better? The choices can be overwhelming, so let us point out the ones with the features you prefer. Can't visualize the possibilities in a 'build to suit' property? We can, because we've been there before and we can help you visualize the space also.

As a Tenant Representative, M.S. Fox believes in leveling the playing field between the Landlord and the Tenant. A Landlord has a team of real estate lawyers, accountants, and advisors on his side when negotiating a lease. By utilizing the third-party skills of the M.S. Fox team, you can strengthen your position by creating competition for your business.

Our primary job is to satisfy your facilities needs with the best possible office space at the best possible price. There is no magic in what we do. There is, however, a great deal of diligence, knowledge of the marketplace and, yes, hard work, maintaining our up-to-the-minute database of lease and sub-lease opportunities.

As per your Tenant Representative, we begin with needs assessment to determine which property features and amentities are most important to you. We then send out RFP's (Request For Proposals) to owners of buildings that we know from experience (and the database) have the features you require and want. We won't waste anyone's time with properties that are unsuitable.

Once the building owner's proposals are received, the painstaking review process begins. We whittle down the respondents to create the 'short' list. We reduce the numbers to common denomiators. Calculated into the equation are such amenities as free rent, tenant improvement allowances, and moving expenses. Operating Expenses are carefully scrutinized and escalations are negotiated only after an intense study of prior years' bills. Even a precise measurement of the space is personally conducted by our staff. The final decision is ultimately yours, of course, and with M.S. Fox Real Estate Group on your side it will be one decision you'll know you can live with, comfortably.

Bottom line: "We squeeze the fat out of the deal to get the best economics". That's how we negotiate. With total objectivity and acting independently of any property owner. We represent you, the Tenant....not the Owner. Our job is to bring the creative solution to your table.