Landlord Representation

Exclusive Leasing

When you have office space to lease and you want quick results and bankable income, M.S. Fox Real Estate Group delivers.

Because we continually monitor large & small users of commercial space, we know what the most active users of commercial space are looking for, when and where. We monitor demand day-by-day, not six months past.

We know how to promote your space creatively to attract qualified prospective tenants, and we know how to structure your leasing package with compelling competitive advantages for today's tough economic climate. M.S. Fox Real Estate Group gets results!

Exclusive Sales

When you want to buy or sell owner-occupied or investment property, you can turn to M.S. Fox Real Estate Group, Inc. as your team of successful deal makers. We identify, research and analyze prime income-producing real estate throughout the region.

Because we know the marketplace, knowledgeable of property management and building maintenance, we can bring invaluable data insight to bear directly on your negotiations and buy/sell decisions. Whether you are holding investment property and want to maximize its value, or are looking for a sound investment at the right price, M.S. Fox Real Estate Group, is a trusted source of commercial real estate expertise and practical transactional know-how.